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I have been meaning for so long to write a blog post that is specifically all about Nepal. What we feel God is calling us to and our plans so far. So here goes. Even before I met Pedro, God had been speaking to him for years about Nepal. So, now the time has come to go. Since the beginning ... Leia Mais »


So, it’s been a real long time since I wrote an update, sorry, but I have no excuses. Yes, it’s been a busy time but it always is. We are now moved back in in Sao Paulo, like 5 weeks ago. It was a crazy few last weeks in Bahia. We only had one 23 kg suitcase each and it ... Leia Mais »

Um novo tempo

The time has gone by so quickly, we have now entered now last month here at the base in Coroa Vermelha. I meant to write this blog better than I did last year, where as I have actually been writing very little here. Oops. I have found myself in the last two blogs giving the world’s shortest update, so this time I ... Leia Mais »

Proximo passo

We’ve now been back at the base for well over a month. I used to say before that we were busy but now we are busy like never before. I was poorly for almost two weeks. I had my first experience being admitted to hospital. It was only for the afternoon but I had to have my first intravenous drip ... Leia Mais »

Tempo de descanso

So, once again we are back in Brazil. We actually got back about a week ago, and as usual it’s been very busy. We arrived into Sao Paulo where the airline had left our luggage in Madrid. Apart from a few days without shampoo or clean clothes; we are all fine now as our stuff has been returned to us.  ... Leia Mais »

Lá e de volta outra vez

So, we are now back in Cabralia. Actually, we have been back for about a week.I have been meaning to finish this blogs for ages now. On various days I have opened up Microsoft Word, just to close it again after a few hours of not actually writing anything. Our trip was really good, although we did break a lot ... Leia Mais »

Lá nós vamos

Well, it’s been another busy month, and it´s gotten a lot hotter here. The mosquitos have almost disappeared and ants have come in their place. In other news, the police found a hand in front of the base. I sometimes forgotten that here can be dangerous or that there are problems with drugs traffickers here.  It now feels like the ... Leia Mais »

Invista tempo – Vídeo

Depois de quase 3 anos longe do Youtube, aqui estou eu novamente, mas dessa vez em um formato diferente, falando durante alguns minutos sobre a Palavra de Deus. E nesse vídeo falamos um pouco sobre como devemos investir nosso tempo. Esse é o “‪#‎AlgunsMinutos‬ o novo quadro do nosso canal no youtube. Então se você gostou do vídeo curta e compartilhe. Leia Mais »

Aprendendo a ter fé

The last month has flown by and my intention of writing an update every two weeks has not gotten  to a good start. These last couple of weeks, I have been particularly bad at keeping in touch as anyone who has sent me a message on Facebook I am sure will be aware of.  In part this is due to a ... Leia Mais »

Um pouco sobre JOCUM Porto das Ondas – Projeto Futebol

As aulas de futebol na aldeia Nova Coroa é um dos trabalhos que é realizado pela base de JOCUM Porto das Ondas. E nós fizemos uma gravação para você saber um pouco mais do que acontece aqui. Leia Mais »