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I have been meaning for so long to write a blog post that is specifically all about Nepal. What we feel God is calling us to and our plans so far. So here goes.brochure_upper_right

Even before I met Pedro, God had been speaking to him for years about Nepal. So, now the time has come to go. Since the beginning we have felt that God is calling to work with children, young people and families. Pedro has a strong pastoral call; the church in Nepal is very young. We intend to assist in the local church; probably within the area of training. We have a good idea of what we are going to do in Nepal will look like. But as I have learned from our time in Brazil, this is always subject to change.

Recently, to proselytise was made illegal, which basically means that it is against the law to change your religion. The exact details are a bit fuzzy but most are now saying that it is illegal to evangelise or baptise. However, this is a legal persecution and is not thought that the situation will become violent. Therefore, we will be starting to email out updates instead of posting on this blog.  For the same reasons will not post specific names of missionaries or of organisations.

In February we will arrive in Kathmandu, where we will be staying at a missionary base and visiting various projects in the area. Seeing as neither of us has any experience in an Asian country, we will take the first few months slower, to start to understand more of the culture etc. In March or April, we will travel to the city of Pokhara where we will begin our work with a charity that specialises in working with children and families. This will most likely take the form of various after school clubs, English class, and basketball lessons. Many of the communities where we will be working have never heard of Jesus.

Our tourist visas will run out after 5 months. We have decided to go for a student visa, meaning one of will be studying. What we are planning at the moment is that Pedro will do an English- Nepali course which will only use up the mornings. One of us doing a photography or art course is another option that would use up less time. We will be living in Nepal for 2-3 years.

I wanted to include a breakdown of what we need financially. As missionaries we often shy away from talking about our monetary needs but it is an essential and sometimes very daunting part of missionary life.
Flights: Two one ways tickets to Katmandu costs about £500. We will be buying these flights any day now. If you wish to contribute to our fundraising campaign, here’s the link:
Living costs: We have been advised that we will need a minimum of $1000 per month but should really be aiming for $1500. This is includes rent (around$200-250 for a couple), health insurance, course fees, food, and bills. We currently receive around $200-30o per month here in Brazil although this does fluctuate. What we really need are committed monthly givers. However this does not mean grand sums. Nothing is too small.

What we need:
Financial support: It’s a big one but it’s incredibly important. Please think and pray about being monthly giver or giving a one off gift.
Prayer support: We also need groups or individuals committed to keeping us in prayer. Our aim is to have over 1000 dedicated for praying for us. We need people walking with us and praying through difficult situations
Invite us: To your cell group or church or simply if you know us and want to know more. We can present our project in more detail, answer questions, talk about our experiences in mission, and run a Bible study or whatever. As of October we will be back in the UK. Please feel free to contact us.




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