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So, it’s been a real long time since I wrote an update, sorry, but I have no excuses. Yes, it’s been a busy time but it always is. We are now moved back in in Sao Paulo, like 5 weeks ago. It was a crazy few last weeks in Bahia. We only had one 23 kg suitcase each and it turns out we had a lot more possessions than that. We were brutal with any clothes that were even a little old or worn or didn’t need. We had a yardsale with some of our old stuff in front of the
base and sold all our furniture and kitchen things to various people in the community, which helped us pay for the move.

I am not going to lie, leaving Coroa Vermelha was especially difficult IMG_3179for me, leaving all the families and young people that we got to know and saw God move in their lives hit me hard. We spent our last day with our friends from the indigenous village and from the local community. They gave us so many presents, we go give a box covered in shells with various message in patxôhã (language of the Pataxò people), dvds of the traditional music, a bag full of donuts, and many others things.

I feel quite without purpose at the moment, which makes no sense as we came back to Sao Paulo with a very specific purpose. In Bahia, we were always busy working with churches, doing regular things in the community project and with the local community. I knew exactly what I was doing and why. We are doing the very important and difficult act of raising up supporters. But it still feels like such an in-between time.

We have been preaching a lot, and by that I mean that Pedro has preached a lot and I was there. We’ve preached or spoken at the front more than 10 times! Two of which our sermon was joint. We’ve been visiting various churches but one of the focuses of this time here is to spend a decent amount of working with Pedro’s church, Embaixadores de Cristo. Pedro’s preached there numerous times, we participated in the youth groups a few times, in a few weeks time Pedro will be teaching about creative evangelism to the youth, and as of next week we will be running twice weekly English classes open to the church.

13442139_1088463607881028_9000377862586228043_nLast month we went to visit one of the DTS’s outreach group in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We only spent 6 days there as to not miss too much back in Sao Paulo, as always it was busy. We visited a mix of churches, schools, and communities in order to evangelise. We prayed for various people and one boy accepted Jesus. One evening we visited the church plant of Pedro’s church in Rio, where Pedro preached. It’s a great church, it’s small and has only been open for a year but is already full to the brim.  We were due to visit a different church in the morning in another favela but in true the Brazilian style the person giving us a lift overslept and was nearly two hours.

In other news we have been giving an apartment to live in for free! When we arrived in Sao Paulo, we were staying in Pedro’s parent’s house in very small room which they use to store things. It was full of stuff, there wasn’t enough 13600137_1571726296461110_5959424779913413178_nroom for our stuff and we barely have any stuff! But the worst part was that it was permanently mouldy, which was making us sick. So we started praying for somewhere else to live. Pedro’s grandma who lives nearby shares a big house with three of her daughters also has two small apartments at the back that they usually rent. Anyway, God answered our prayer!! And they decided to let us have the apartment rent free! We only have to pay our bills. This admittedly might be difficult seeing all but one of sponsors hasn’t given since we arrived in Sao Paulo, but the apartment is great. It’s clean, has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and our very own bathroom. This is first place to live that is just ours. Also, we are both feeling much more healthy away from all the mould, it’s great!

We also celebrated our one year anniversary on 6th June. It can rain really badly in Sao Paulo for days or even weeks on end. We had planned to go to Parque Ibirapuera to spend the day, have a picnic and relax. But the weather had been so terrible that that wasn’t going to be possible. There was actually a tornado on the day, but it wasn’t the round and round kind but goes up and down. Yeah, I didn’t really get it but was told it counts as a tornado. So, we settled for going to the cinema and for dinner, only there was a nationwide problem with our bank. So that didn’t happen. We’re hoping we can do something nice in a few weeks on one of days off.

In a few days we are due to visit Belo Horizonte where Pedro is due to preach, we will then spend a few days visiting the YWAM base in Contagem. We will helping in an English course that they are running. But also meeting with a couple who want to take a DTS outreach team to Birmingham, which is very exciting. I also really wanted to visit the base and see our friends there. I haven’t been back since I finished my DTS and we won’t have the opportunity until we next come back to Brazil.

In august our YWAM base that’s in Bahia will be doing an outreach during the Rio Olympics. We still really want to go as it will be once in a lifetime opportunity but we will need at least R$600 in order to go and money is really tight at the money, so we are going to wait and see what happens.

I would like to talk about what we are hearing from God about ur plans for Nepal but this post is already really long. I’ll be doing a whole blog post about Nepal soon.

Thanks for reading, please pray for us:

We are used by God and effective during this time in Sao Paulo. Building relationships with churches but also encouraging people in faith!
That over the next few months we are provided with all the support (financial, prayer and emotional) we need for our last few months in Brazil but also in preparations for Nepal
for all the enormous decisions we are making about Nepal. That Go would guide us and that we would receive sound advice.



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