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We’ve now been back at the base for well over a month. I used to say before that we were busy but now we are busy like never before. I was poorly for almost two weeks. I had my first experience being admitted to hospital. It was only for the afternoon but I had to have my first intravenous drip which is a lot more dramatic than it sounds. Br12814136_1024099314317458_5918194986532099905_nazilians often joke than the doctor will put you on a drip for anything. Pedro has had one at least 15 times. I am luckily feeling a lot better now.  We now have a much better idea as to what this year will look like. Our main function here at YWAM Porto das Ondas will be to work on the DTS (discipleship training school). As part of the DTS we are in charge of a small group, and we each run a one to one session. So far we have organised with them creative intercession time which was for Brazil. A few weeks time Pedro will teach for two mornings on how to preach. We will be doing this for a further 2 months, a DTS has an outreach phase but after much prayer we will not being going as we feel God is calling us for a more intense time working in the indigenous village.
Last year my role in the community project was sporadic, but as of next week I will start English classes for over 16s. I am very excited because these classes have an allotted “discipleship time” in which we will be talking openly about God and the Bible.
The English classes here at the base will also continue but I will only be teaching the intermediate class as there 12072785_1032912646769458_6711600614872748824_n (1)simply isn’t time.
We have been running English classes in the indigenous village Nova Coroa since last year. We particularly love these classes as they are very relaxed and it’s been an amazing opportunity to get to know everyone. Especially since we’ve been back we’ve had the pleasure of being invited to eat at their houses. We’ve become particularly friendly with a woman called Sinha and her family. She has shared a lot of about her life with us and let us pray with her. She recently converted and it’s great to see how God is making his first steps in her life and the life of her family.
We are continuing working with a small church called Assembleia de Deus. They have around 10-20 members. This is the church that I talked about in my first blog where we saw that it was empty and entered to talk to the pastor. Even though we will be incredibly busy these next few months, I felt that God was encouraging us to continue working there. The pastor is still adjusting in his new role and most of the members have messy and complicated lives.
I still feel like we have just gotten here but this will be our last chapter in Santa Cruz Cabralia as God is calling us to a new adventure. In October we will return to England for a few months whilst we are preparing to spend 2 -3 years in Nepal. Obviously this is subject to change but we understand that we will be working with primarily with children without parents. We are still in the process of praying and understanding what God wants of us but it looks like we will be spending a season in Kathmandu with a YWAM base.
Prayer points:
-For good health to enable to work hard.
-For perseverance to do the work set before us.
-For good relationships with the YWAM base and the local community.
-For our preparation for Nepal.
-For support financial and in prayer.



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