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Tempo de descanso

So, once again we are back in Brazil. We actually got back about a week ago, and as usual it’s been very busy. We arrived into Sao Paulo where the airline had left our luggage in Madrid. Apart from a few days without shampoo or clean clothes; we are all fine now as our stuff has been returned to us.  We’ve been here about a week now, although we did spend 4 days at a church in the inland part of Sao Paulo, a small town called Cesario Lange, where a friend had invited us to minister. It was four days full of stuff but it was great to be back in the swing of things. Pedro spoke at their weekly youth IMG_2634event on the Thursday about ‘calling’, on the Friday we took a small group of youth to where YWAM Campinas was doing an outreach to join in, Saturday Pedro taught a short workshop about creative evangelism and then we went with all the youth to do an outreach in the city square, and finally on Sunday Pedro preached. Maybe, it is fair to say that is was Pedro that was very busy. We both really loved our time there, we really enjoyed staying with the pastor and his family. We were also sincerely impressed by the youth of the church (IBRUC). Normally in things like this, if we do an evangelistic event, the youth will cling to us and resist stepping out and using the tools we taught. 12669676_1000523320008391_1485034640984570793_nBut this church was completely different. Firstly, everyone learnt everything so quickly and effectively. Secondly, no-one stuck with us, I mean literally no-one, the youth went off in their groups of three evangelising without so much as a prompt. It was great hearing their encouraging stories of people they had prayed for and talked to. We also three people accept Jesus as well, which is always amazing. We hope to visit this church again in September when we should be back in Sao Paulo.
The day after we got back, Pedro had two wisdom teeth removed. It’s been four days now and he still isn’t allowed to eat solid or hot food L He is also in a lot of pain, he isn’t allowed to walk long distances or be in sun. Although, he can now talk again this has created a different dynamic compared to our usual stays in Sao Paulo. We would normally be inundated with seeing family, friends, and working with church. So, we’ve had a lot more relaxing in the house which has actually been nice.  It has actually given us time to think and pray about some things.
Looking back on our previous six months in Brazil, we realised how much we had done and achieved. But also, acknowledged some disappointments and a lot of things turned out differently than we envisioned. Before we set of to Porto Seguro, the word we kept hearing God say was “flexibility”, and to “remain flexible”. And as usual God was true to His word. We both had intended to be staff members of the community project and although we are both loosely involved, we have found ourselves much more at the heart of community, working in the area of discipleship but in a less structured manner.  I am so grateful for all that God did last year.
I should also mention that we had a wonderful time in England, seeing family, friends. Unfortunately we didn’t get anywhere near close to seeing everyone we wanted too. Our time back in the UK was so good. On my part, I really was missing everyone back home and simply to have some time not to be someone from a different culture, where I don’t have a strange accent. I was lucky to have my friends from uni who are now spread out across the UK alongside close friends from Birmingham, come to visit me on my birthday. I celebrated my 25th Birthday at laser quest. We also spoke at our Brazilian church about what we had done over the last few months. We have been compleatly overwhelmed by the love and support of our church family. We also had a short trip to Paris; we both found the break so relaxing. We had initially wanted to go to Paris or Rome for our honeymoon but weren’t able as we didn’t have time and were unsure of Pedro’s visa restrictions. So, this was such a wonderful Christmas present, although Pedro did nearly get deported upon re-entry to the UK.  Thankfully he didn’t.

Anyway! So we bought our flight back to Porto Seguro today for 14th. Our plan is to continue similarly as we were before Christmas, to continue teaching English, working with the local church and with the indigenous village of Nova Coroa. We will also be working within the first 3 months of the DTS (Discipleship training school). However, we are hoping to be more intentional about discipleship within Nova Coroa. We have booked a flight to come back to England in October. So this will be our last season as missionaries in Brazil as we will start to prepare for a time in Nepal.
Prayer points:

  • Health: In general but particularly that everything would heal quickly after Pedro’s wisdom teeth were removed. His stitches are to be removed the day before we fly!!
  • Ministry in Cabralia. That our relationships within the YWAM base and the community would be strong. That we’d really see God move and grow people.
  • Sponsorship: Always a hard one to talk about but we are praying about more financial sponsors. If 20 people gave £20 per month we’d be fine for everything. We currently receive 25% of that. Please think and pray about sponsoring us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. But if giving financially isn’t possible please be praying for us in this area.
  • We are beginning to organise this next season, so please be praying with us as we make those decisions.



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