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Um novo tempo

The time has gone by so quickly, we have now entered now last month here at the base in Coroa Vermelha. I meant to write this blog better than I did last year, where as I have actually been writing very little here. Oops. I have found myself in the last two blogs giving the world’s shortest update, so this time I will try to write a fair bit more.13007179_1050093141718075_8353516372411758280_n

We bought our flights back to Sao Paulo yesterday and we are set to leave on 21st May. Originally, we were going to return in July after the graduation party for the DTS. The idea was that we would stay in Coroa having a good amount of time to work with local churches and the indigenous village. But after we pray and spent some time thinking about what we need to organise in preparation for Nepal, it soon became apparent that we needed more time in Sao Paulo.  To spend time sharing our project with people and churches as well as more practical things, such as, Pedro needs to learn to drive, prepare various legal documents. As the time approach to leave, I have become more and more aware of how much God wants to do here. There are so many opportunities available the various indigenous villages, there’s a favela, small isolated farming communities nearby, the tourists, the carnival, the homeless people in the centre of Porto, to support and develop the churches in the region, and many many more. There is so much to do and it makes me sad to think we’re not going to be there to see things happen but we are praying fervently about new missionaries that will be coming to the area.

We will not be stuck doing nothing in terms of missionary work during this time. We have planned to go with JOCUM Porto das Ondas (this base) to their outreach during the Olympic 12994581_1045505288843527_1936657247032700382_ngames in Rio, to speak at a missionary conference in Fortaleza, visit Belo Horizonte to preach and to visit the base where we both did our DTSs, to return to Cesario Lange to preach and to help organise local outreaches, we were also asked to teach an intensive 2 week English course in JOCUM Salvador. Now, this is Brazil, so we’re quite prepared for a lot of these things not to happen. One of the most important things we will be doing in Sao Paulo is spending some real time with Pedro’s church. They run regular evangelistic events and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can help whilst we’re there. It will also be great to spend some time with Pedro’s family as we don’t intend to return to Brazil for a good year and half afterwards.

As always, things have been busy at the base. The DTS is now preparing for their outreach time our responsibilities our winding down; as of Monday we no longer have a small group to look after. We have loved getting to know them, pray with them, see them grow, hear their plans and encourage them. Pedro also taught a class in how to preach for

12472553_1019877168073006_3164813264753453490_n the DTS. We were working a lot at a small church called Assembleia de Deus  Ministerio Porto Seguro, a long name I know. They decided about a month ago to become  house church and now only have one service a week (a rarity in Brazil) which happens to be around the same time we work in the community project and so have not yet managed to go. Although this has given us more time to spend at the larger Assembleia de Deus church in the area, Pedro preached one week and presented our project another. I also gave a small word, which was petrifying as I had made the massive mistake of arriving unprepared but it went fine.

W12512763_1040564559337600_7653732851290028170_ne have been absolutely loving the English classes in the social project. We have the pleasure of spending two afternoons a week teaching the youth from the indigenous village English. As much as teaching English there is great, it was all that long ago that school wasn’t an option for the people of Nova Coroa, and so to have the opportunity to teach them a foreign language is of course incredible. However the part that we really love is that 15-20 allotted discipleship time. We have done some English activities during this time, such as creating a big poster with loads of words in English to describe God or doing activities with a Bible verse. But mainly Pedro has used the time to talk about a subject that leads into discussion such as creation, prayer, the Bible, baptism. What is great is how keen they are to talk about these subjects and have a real hunger for God and to be discipled. We are in the process of arranging our replacements for this class. Our friend, Adilson, will take over after we are gone but we are still looking for another teacher.

We’re so grateful for your support in prayers and in finance. Please keep praying for us during this time of change.

Please pray
– For Coroa Vermelha. We really love the people here and are sad to be leaving. Please pray more missionaries to 13023649_1050091328384923_1091760531_ncome and minister here on a long term basis.
– For YWAM Porto das Ondas. To bless this base and to find replacements for our roles here.
– Our planning for Nepal. We are at this very moment contacting various organisations and seeking advice about Nepal. Please be praying for us as we make decisions and to find new sponsors that we desperately need.



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